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XWE Problem

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I can't get XWE to run. It always asks me for the MainWad, whether or not I've specified before, and when I try to edit a level, I get a "Menu index out of range" or somesuch error. Someone please help. If I can't get this resolved, it'll mean every Windows editor I've tried has failed, and I'll be shit out of luck . . .

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Are any of the necessary files set to "read only"?

AFAIK, the "Menu index out of range" thing happens when you try to look at a very large lump. I'm not sure though.

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IIRC I had the same problem last month so I e-mailed Csabo about it. I think he said that he forgot to put some .dll files on the last upload. I'm not 100% if it was that since I deleted the reply but if your version is a bit outdated try redownloading it.

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