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8 GPUs compared using a current build of DOOM3

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"As if that weren't enough, today we've got a special treat for you all as well. You may have heard of a game called "Doom3" and later on in this review you'll see a total of 8 GPUs compared using a current build of the game."


"We were given one evening with a system running Doom3, to test the latest GPUs from both ATI and NVIDIA using whatever drivers we pleased using whatever settings we would like. The only stipulation was that we could not comment on how the game looked, just on the performance of the GPUs. Doom3 is still a while away from shipping and thus we can understand id not wanting us to talk about the look of the game, and we gladly agreed to their terms in order to bring you a quick look at the performance of Doom3 on today's GPUs."

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ive read places that NVidia has drivers specifically designed for 3DMarks so basically the card appears to run better in it, thus upping their performance to show off how much "Better" the card is against other cards. i was wonderin if maybe they had drivers specifically for doom3 (if possible???) to make it appear that much better

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Here are some words of forewarning though; for starters, neither ATI nor NVIDIA gave us Doom3 optimized drivers to test with, we tested using the same drivers we used in all of our other tests (both drivers will be publicly available next week from ATI and NVIDIA).

Quoth the Carmack:

"We have been planning to put together a proper pre-release of Doom for benchmarking purposes, but we have just been too busy with actual game completion. The executable and data that is being shown was effectively lifted at a random point in the development process, and shows some obvious issues with playback, but we believe it to be a fair and unbiased data point. We would prefer to show something that carefully highlights the best visual aspects of our work, but we recognize the importance of providing a benchmark for comparison purposes at this time, so we are allowing it to be used for this particular set of tests. We were not happy with the demo that Nvidia prepared, so we recorded a new one while they were here today. This is an important point -- while I'm sure Nvidia did extensive testing, and knew that their card was going to come out comfortably ahead with the demo they prepared, right now, they don't actually know if the demo that we recorded for them puts them in the best light. Rather nervy of them, actually.

The Nvidia card will be fastest with "r_renderer nv30", while the ATI will be a tiny bit faster in the "r_renderer R200" mode instead of the "r_renderer ARB2" mode that it defaults to (which gives some minor quality improvements). The "gfxinfo" command will dump relevant information about the functioning renderer modes and optimizations. At some point, after we have documented all of the options and provided multiple datasets, Doom is going to be an excellent benchmarking tool, but for now you can still make some rough assessments with it."

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I have to say, I'm really impressed with the NV35. Essentially, Nvidia dropped the NV30 chip on a board with a REAL memory subsystem (instead of the cup-and-string arrangement they had) and really made a solid card. I'm quite interested, but truthfully, it's still way, way too expensive. I (and most anyone else looking for a cheap upgrade) should probably be looking the direction of the Radeon 9500.

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I really dig carmacks statement about the ati cars being faster. Ill take his word any day, over some lamer fanboys

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I dont feel like posting much, but let me say this ;)

nVIDIA had specific Doom3 optimized drivers, ATI did not. ATI did not even know that this was going on, and when attempting to contact id about this matter, they were told to see nVIDIA.

That is all..

Might as well read this ET article, it tells of just the beginning of what we will found out with NV35 & CHEATING!!


Here's a Beyond3D one for you as well,


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auxois said:

I'm quite interested, but truthfully, it's still way, way too expensive. I (and most anyone else looking for a cheap upgrade) should probably be looking the direction of the Radeon 9500.

I had the Radeon 9500 in mind as well as a solution for my medium-sized budget, but after seeing those benchmarks I'm wondering if the GeForce FX 5600 isn't a better choice. It's about the same price, and performs better in those tests. I'll wait and see how things develop, as neither the Doom engine, nor the video card drivers are final yet.

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