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After repeated attempts at creating a second chapter of FROZEN HELL and failing miserably, I've decided to begin a new one. Hopefully I can actually put a lot into this one. If any of you've played the game ABUSE, certain parts of this plot may seem very familiar for you.
By the way, I'm just going to call the Doomguy 'DOOM', scince that seems more appropriate than Flynn Taggart.

Playing God
Chapter One

Doom looked at the greenish-blue liquid oddly, studying it. "So, why is this so important?" He inquired. "It's going to revolutionize military combat and strategy. I've isolated the specific gene in the human structure that causes violence or agression among us," He said, beaming, "And it's right here in this tube." Doom leaned back against the wall. "Are you sure it's safe? I mean, we want to win out there and everything, but we don't want to act like animals in order to do it."

"No, I'm not sure. Which is why we need to test it on someone." The doctor replied. "Like who?" Doom asked, looking around. "You're not going to force ME into this, are you?" The scientist laughed. "Oh, heavens no. You're one of the best marines we have. Government Officials wouldn't be foolish enough to risk your life." And with that, he motioned another man in a white labcoat to open the door. The second scientist entered a specific code, and the door slid open. There was an anamalistic roar, and a soldier was flung through the doorway and onto a table. A middle-aged man with long, stringy hair and a long bushy beard burst into the room wearing an orange prison uniform.

"You're going to test this drug on a homicidal maniac from death row?!" Doom shouted. "It's not a drug!" He yelled back, while trying to aprehend the prisoner along with several other men. After some struggle, several scientists were also flung across the room, and he had knocked the other soldier to the ground. "Enough of this bullshit." Doom said, while pulling a .45 out of his pocket and pointing it at the rampaging prisoner's head. "Have a seat."

Doom picked up the attacker by the neck and threw him down on a bed. Some of the recovering scientists were able to get up and strap him in. "He's all ready, doc." Doom said, pointing his gun back at the prisoner's face. "Yes...right..." He said, while straightening his glasses and putting the tube up to the test subject's mouth. "Don't try to struggle. The quicker you swallow this, the less it will hurt." He cautioned, and with that poured it into the prisoner's mouth.

He swallowed it will little hesitation. He lay there, motionless for several seconds. Suddenly, the prisoner began gasping and convulsing as if he couldn't breathe. He screamed in agony, as his eyes bulged and went bloodshot. Veins pulsated in his arms and forhead. "What the hell is going on?!" Doom yelled, while leaping back and gripping his gun. "The body has trouble accepting such a large quanity of the fluid at first!" Another scientist yelled, trying to talk over the howling prisoner.

Suddenly, the prisoner stopped. He slumped, eyes shut, and became motionless. "Is he dead?" One of the scientists asked. "I don't know...this has never happened before..." Another replied, scratching his head. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open. Before the startled doctors could even back away, the drugged prisoner tore his left arm right out of it's brace, and grasped a scientist's neck. In seconds, he had crushed the victim's throat.

Doom's pistol went off like a crack of lightning. A bullet pierced the enraged prisoner's chest, and a punctured artery sprayed blood into a pool on the orange shirt. Somehow, he didn't even react, and busted out of the rest of his braces. He bolted for Doom, saliva dripping from his mouth, eyes swelling with redness. Doom fired again. And again. And again. Nothing could stop the mindless prisoner.

Suddenly, he was stopped dead in his tracks when Doom slammed him in the side of the head with his gun. The prisoner slumped to the floor. A pool of blood quickly formed around him. "Jesus Christ..." Doom said, slumping against the wall, panting. "I suppose it's possible to survive a shot from a gun like that." A scientist said, recovering from the shock. "True." Doom said, swallowing hard. "But I shot him eight times."

To be continued...

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Spacing makes it somewhat difficult to determine that there are two people in the room at first, but otherwise yes, me'se can't wait for more either.

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