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Changing .wcf files

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I know I asked something about WadAuthor config files already, but rather than dig up that thread I decided to start another (this being a different question, anyway).

I eventually got rather pissed off at the errors in the original doom2.wcf. They included mis-counting ammo (8 rockets in a box? I don't think so) and incorrect sprites (the "pole w/ head" looks like a red torch, for instance). So I changed these things myself.

Then I got the idea to create a whole new .wcf based on the new sprites in my wad (partly it was Ultimate DooMer who gave me the idea in the other thread). While I was examining the linedef types I began to wonder if it's possible to actually change them. Then I noticed that they each had an "ID" consisting of 4 characters, which must have been used by the game somehow. So maybe it isn't possible.

But then, were there any IDs that were left out of the .wcf file? If there were, I figured I could add them to the .wcf and then use them myself. So I figured I might ask, as there are many types I could mention that don't exist, but would certainly help me out (switches that control ceiling height, or make floors rise by shortest lower texture, for instance).

Another, non-related question (didn't feel like making another thread): I'm going to be making a garden/greenhouse-style level soon. I already have three trees and a patch of flowers as sprites, but I could use more variety. Anybody know of wads where I can find sprites of plants?

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I dont know if there's anything "missing" from the .wcf files, but you can certainly add to them. This makes using the ZDooM DECORATE lump alot easier.

Decorate lump rules.

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Yes you do need the id numbers - if you want to add a new sprite for vanilla, you have to replace one of the existing things in dehacked, and then in the wcf file (taking it's id number). What you're referring to as "actually changing them" is simply the text description of the linedef/sector/thing type that shows up in WA. The actual linedef types etc. are hardcoded into the exe. Try to think of things you don't need (esp. scenery - eg. do you need to have hanging bodies with no block?) and replace those with your trees/plants.

And you can't create new id numbers for new things, even if they appear to be missing from the wcf (unless you're creating a new thing class, which is merely a category for display purposes in WA only).

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Exactly. I figured they were in the exe somewhere. I was simply wondering if there were any that were left OUT of the list.

I've already got those things down (about naming things in dhe). But I don't want to actually change the thing properties, for two reasons:

1. I still have sort of a soft spot for those few Doom95 users, seeing that I have it myself...

2. ZDoom, according to the text file, can only support text (not binary) patches.

Trust me, I'd love to make it so that the desk lamp in my wad glows but is not an obstacle, or that the broken monitors don't glow but are an obstacle. I know you can do thise things in dhe, but they wouldn't work in either of my Doom programs anyway.

I've made changes in the sprites since I release the second version of my demo. This is how it was in that demo:
Normal Monitor = Brain w/ spinal column
Broken Monitor = Floating skull
Hanging Lamp = Body w/ half player torso & one leg (no block)
Desk Lamp = Blood spatter
Office Chair = Pole w/ head

Now, I've changed a couple of these things, and added a few more:
Normal Monitor = Pole w/ dead player
Broken Monitor = Blood spatter
Hanging Lamp = Body w/ half player torso & one leg (no block) (this didn't change)
Desk Lamp = Floating skull (so that it glows)
Office Chair = Pole w/ head (this didn't change either)
Flowers = Blood w/ empty skin
Wooden Barrel = Column (short/red)
Live Tree (Small) = Column w/ heart
Live Tree (Medium) = Pole w/ heads
Live Tree (Large) = Column w/ skull
Power Cell = Commander Keen

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All patches made with dehacked are in text format (click on one and see), it's the ones made with the Heretic/Hexen equivalents that are not. ZDoom is fine with changed thing properties. (a lot of ZDoom wads/mods do this nowadays)

There are some things missing from the list (eg. projectiles, Guts n Bones 1&2, Dead Lost Soul) but I've no idea what the id numbers are.

If you want to keep Doom95 compatibility that's up to you, but it's that weighed up against improving the wad by changing the thing properties.

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Well, I've kind of always been advertising that the dhe is optional, because all it changes is message text (like the one in the demo was optional).

It's funny because with the real "floating skull" sprite, you can fire projectiles through it (I tested it). But with the lamp I replaced it with, you can't for some reason. That's what's bugging me.

Then again, in vanilla Doom you can apparently shoot through almost anything; when I tested that level (it had a bunch of sprites lined up so I could test them) in Doom95, I could fire through all of them. Hmm...

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