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Reviews et al.

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Bob Larkin sends in some more Doom Wad Station news. Apparently the site facelift is finished, with much of the original content in place. The forums area has been improved, and it's now possible to post your own reviews of Wads. Speaking of which:

I'm looking for a couple or maybe three people to review stuff for the site. Mostly I need the megawads reviewed and newstuff coming into the downloads section. If you're interested - please shoot me an email at interleave1@earthlink.net.

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Well, since this news is so new - I'll throw this up in this post:

With a little assistance from my good friend and fellow mapper Eric Buck I have been able to post a bunch of new level reviews for your viewing pleasure. Included in the maps are his wad Arcane (which I reviewed) plus Congestion Control, KS2 and Blind Alley V. All of the reviews and downloads can be found at this page - http://www.doomwadstation.suhost.com
Eric was good enough to review the other 3 maps and also will be reviewing ks3 in the next couple of days. Check the reviews out and get the maps.

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Nice job on the reviews guys. I picked them all up. Gonna be a fun weekend. Now to go and slaughter some bad guys.

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