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firwalls and zdeamon

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i have downloaded zonealaram and want to know if it will affect people trying to connect to my zdeamon server. if it does how do i give users the ability to use the server?
i already told zonealarm to allow the zserv32 program but i am not sure it will allow incoming connections. it didnt when i ran quake on the lan.

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check this out: http://zdaemon.org/faq/showquestion.asp?faq=24&fldAuto=57

if you're using zonealarm 3.x (and if you arent, you need to upgrade now) you should be able to set the Internet Security bar to medium. of course you also have to give zserv32 access to the internet and forward the correct ports. if you need more help with zdaemon you can try http://forums.zdaemon.org or help@zdaemon.org.

good luck

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