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Do the ZCajun bots' attribute settings do ANYTHING?

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I was playing around with the bots.cfg file to ZDoom, and it gives me a question. Do the aiming, ISP, perfection, reaction, and weaponpref settings do anything? Adjusting aiming, ISP, perfection, and reaction within what I presume to be a "normal" range (1 to 100), I couldn't see any noticable difference whatsoever. The only indication I found that these four setting do anything at all was when I set one of them to something ridiculous (1000), which caused the bot to act strangely (it fired once, then refused to attack). Experimenting with the weaponpref setting appeared to do nothing at all, no matter what.

Does anyone here know enough about the ZCajun bot's code to clarify this? Are the effects of these settings simply very subtle, or are they relics of something that was removed/never fully implemented? I did manage to get hold of a readme file to an old version of the ZCajun, that explained what the settings are supposed to do, but it didn't really answer anything for me at all.

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yes, it does make a difference. try putting all of a guy's setting on 1 and you'll see. it's just hard to notice because you're running around killing people and it's hard to really analyze someone.

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