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What would be perfect, and also capture the essence of the original so well would be the following.

start in moon base, in orig this would have meant fightting hordes of monsters, not really being scared at all, in remake, should mean you get shit scared

yadayada, until you get to hell

now speaking from the perspective of "old" doom we have this structure

ep 1, not scary, very arcady feel
ep 2, cross over done very well, lots of tension whilst retainging arcady feel
ep3, very uncomfortable to play, and most importantly Unpleasent atmosphere

now in D3 this should be like this

Mars sections/any section before hell

tight corridors, tense, "looking over your shoulder" atmosphere

Hell: should be very unpleasent and uncomfortable to play in, lots of red tones, and general unpleasentness

this should have gone in the other post i started about hell

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