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Sorry if this has been asked over and over, i checked the sticky but the zdameon site dosnt seem to be working , i was wondering , what was the most current version of it ? i used to play awhile back but i cant remeber all the things i needed , also , i just reinstalled doom II am i going to need an updated Doom II wad if there is one out there ?

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http://www.zdaemon.org for the latest version

http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/info/patches.php Patch that crusty old version of Doom, Doom II, Final Doom and Heretic!


Doom 1 shareware is compatible with ZDaemon (but only shareware IWAD servers). The Heretic shareware IWAD works too, but nobody uses ZDaemon for Heretic DM, sadly.

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thx :) , im downloading the doom 2 patch right now, hopfully i can get this working i tried earlier and my screen was all screwed up all the textures where criss crossing eachother so hopfully this works :D thx alog, and another question , is zdameon like the most popular way to play doom right now ? or is there another one that most people play?

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999cop said:

Update the sticky, fodders :)

It was updated Last edited by fodders on 04-23-03 at 21:57 to include Skulltag and Doom Connector.

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