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First colored drawing.

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Some of you may remember somone by the name of S|aVe.3rN. :) well its me lol, i had to take a long leave of absence, had to get a few things out of my way before i could really get back into gaming well here i am, and yes im still doing art , im on this new name , couldnt find the passwords to the account or the password to the email i used for that account lol so i decided to make a new name , well apart from that, heres the drawing.

This was the first pencil drawing ive ever taken and colored , i never enjoyed coloring my artwork , but here it is anyways :) insperation was a lil doomish :) so i figured it would go well here, again the shading may seem off , and the outlines are alil to thick , again this is the first time i colored one of my drawings :) hopfully the next one wont be as screwd up (if there is a next one).


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Very nice :)

On the forehead does it say "To (something)"

Just my imagination, or is this a dedicated image? :)

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After an hour of meditation, i could not decide which skull is this.

Is it cowish, bullish, horsish (how to say that in eng? :)) or just skull of some kind?

Tell me, couse my mission here on Earth would not be complite without the answear!

BTW, the coloring is cool...

PS why slave?

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instinct-driven said:

a nickname my ex gave me...

Muahhahahahah, did she wear those leather clothes? :)

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she didnt wear leather , but if your implying if she was a dominatrix , then ya, she was :) still is .. to me atleast ;x lol .. we arnt together but .. ya. . thats another story hah.

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