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After the Fall

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My first fanfic. I used the names of some DooMers because I suck at making my own names.

"God damnit!" yelled Justin aloud. His shotgun had run dry. All he had left was his pistol. He tossed the shotgun to the ground and drew his sidearm, immediately taking aim at the shadowy figures that stood between himself and the doorway. With only 15 rounds in his clip, he'd have to be careful. The creatures that stood just beyond the dim light seemed aware of this, as they did not draw closer. "Maybe I can pull back and find another way in", thought Justin. Keeping his eyes on the enemy, Juston took a step back, only to find that something was blocking his retreat. His stomach did a somersault. This was it. They must have surrounded him. Quickly, he spun around to meet his fate, but found a concrtete wall instead. "What the fuck?", he thought. "There wasn't a wall here before! Wait, the window!'
Turning right, ready to dive three stories onto the sidewalk below, Justin was met with only more confused horror. The window had vanished as well! There was nothing now but four walls, a doorway, and the monsters which now seemed to be laughing internally. They began advancing on him, as the light dimmed further. Just enough to keep them clouded in darkness. Knowing that he had no other options, Justin began firing madly. Only two rounds were discharged before the gun clicked empty. Justin continued squeezing the trigger in disbelief.

"Sergeant James", said a stern male voice.

The room and its inhabitants blurred out of existence, replaced by a harsh florescent white light and the silhoutte of a man's head looking down upon him.

Startled but maintained, Justin asked, "Where am I?"

"Your in the bio-containment lab at Area 51, Roswell."

"Why can't I move?"

"You had to be restrained, for safety reason's. Do you remember your full name?"

Scanning his memory momentarily, Justin answered. "I'm Sergeant Justin James, United States Marine Corp."

"Do you remember who I am?"

The man distanced himself a little, to allow Justin to see his face in the light. Justin wished he hadnt done that. The left side of the man's face was a boiled mess of pink scar tissue. A severe burn it seemed. It clashed with the man's light brown skin in such a way that it almost seemed fake. Judging by it's moist appearance, it must have happened recenlty.

"Uh, you seem familiar." It was a lie. Justin didn't recognize the poor guy at all. But he didnt want to appear too helpless.

"Hmm. The procedure must have been more disorienting than we expected. I'm Dr. Aaron Gentry. Does that ring a bell."

"Not really. Procedure? What procedure", asked Justin. He tried to look Aaron in the eyes, but the disfiguration was too much to bear for his already jarred mind. He looked away instead, or at least he tried. His Arms weren't the only thing's that were secured.

Dr. Gentry paused for a moment while looking at Justin's face, but not actually looking him in the eye's.

"Well", he continued. " Let's see how the rest of you is holding up." Aaron pulled a pen light from his lab coat pocket and shined it into Justin's eyes.

"Hey, you didn't answer my question", said Justin. His mouth felt odd. It was difficult to speak. It felt as if there was something in there, keeping his jaws slightly ajar. He futily tried to rise.

"How many fingers am I holding up", said Aaron while holding up three fingers.

"Three", answered Justin. "Now what's all this about a 'procedure'?" Again Justin struggled to move. He was growing impatient. The doctor had that same look on his face. Justin could tell he was hiding something.

"Look just calm down" said Aaron assertively. "We thought you would at least remember how you ...ended up in this table. But aparently you don't. It would be better if we could get someone in here with whom your more familiar. So the shock won't be as bad."

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Justin's impatience ballooned to full blown anger. He was also a little scared. "How the hell did I get here." he thought. "I dont fucking recognize this place." He struggled harder against his bonds, thrashing his legs as much as he could. But the straps wouldnt give. Nor would the metal surface he was laying on, if it was metal. Justin wasn't sure. His skin felt strange and slightly numb, as if he were wrapped in a burlap sack. "I must have been drugged or something", he thought.

"Look, just calm down", said Aaron while backing away. "I know your a little scared right now." but we'll get some one in here to explain it all to you."

"Hey, get the fuck back here!!!"

Justin heard the whooshing sound of a pressure door. Now there was nothing but the sound of air circulators and a slight hum from the flourescent light above. "Why am I here." Last he remembered, he was on liberty in Austin. That's when the call came. There had been some sort of attack. Something urgent enough to have him and his unit called into active duty. The reports were sketchy. Some unknown enemy had invaded several major cities, including Austin itself. His memory after that point was fragmented. But he remember being involved in some sort of combat afterwards. "I must have been taken hostage", he thought. But That doctor didn't seem hostile in any way. In fact, he seemed almost afraid of Justin. "Did I commit some sort of crime? Maybe I shot one of my commanding officers and I'm now in captivity?"

There was another whooshing sound accompanied by footsteps. At least two sets. One set was inconsistent. The person must have a limp.

"Who's there", demanded Justin.

A voice answered. "Under the circumstances, sergeant, I'll ignore that tone."

It was the unmistakibly stern, proud, commanding voice of a military man.The footsteps drew closer, and yet another face appeared over Justin. A stern, proud, commanding face. A face that Justin recognized!

"General Anders", said Justin excitedly. Out of habit, he tried to give a salute. but couldnt. "Sir, why am I being restrained here, Sir."

General Anders turned to face someone who stood out of view.
"Is his memory condition permanent?" He asked.

From beyond view Dr. Gentry answered, "We don't think so. But it's impossible to tell."

Justin grew tense. He didn't like being in the dark.

The General looked back at him. "What's the last thing you remember Sergeant James?"

"I remember being called into duty after a large scale surprise attack occured. I have vague recollections of being in combat, but not much after that, sir."

General Anders sighed. "So you don't remember volunteering for this experiment?"

Justin swallowed hard. He could feel that he was salivating excessively. Possibly due to whatever this "experiment" was. Whatever it was that was holding his mouth open didn't help.

"Son..." said Anders. He moved his hand as if to put it on Justin's shoulder, but then pulled it away. "Perhaps it's best to just show you." He looked back towards the other person who was in the room. Justin heard the pressure door open again, and the sounds of several more footsteps. Dr. gentry walked beside the general and handed him a mirror.

Justin's fear intensified.

General Anders looked down at the mirror in his hand and paused for a moment. Then, without looking back at Justin, he spoke. "Keep in mind, son, that you are doing a great service to your country."

He positioned the mirror in front of Justin.

Many philosophers have debated over what makes a human "human". If you remove a man's limbs, is he still a man? If you take his lungs, his liver, his heart, is he still himself? Justin may have pondered this himself, if he could at least recognize the face that stared at him from the mirror. Or if it at least appeared human. He may have taken the time to closely examine the brown, pebbled facade, with it's deeply set red eyes, and wonder if it made him a different person on the inside. He may have even found it commical that the objects that he thought were holding his mouth open were actually oversized, vicious fangs. His fangs.

And if he weren't thrashing in fear and rage, he would have felt the pinch of the hypodernic needle in his arm that brought a welcome darkness.

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Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. One of the more original stories I have read here. Great job.

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Assmaster said:

My first fanfic. I used the names of some DooMers because I suck at making my own names.


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Ohh woow . . .

This was amazing; that was so cool. I do so hope there's more, as I assume this is some twisted sort of attempt to infiltrate the enemy . . . Now that would be one helluva story I would definitely read.

But if this's a sole, one-time piece, that's cool too. So many questions . . .

Amazing, simply amazing.

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New look on impsex? :)

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Aww geez ravage . . . ;) :-p

But really, I hope Assmaster doesn't go down that path. The DOOM-horde is all spawned! They don't have --- reproductive systems!

Though I suppose you could account that as just an opinion . . . *sigh*

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No, Im not going down the impsex path. This is a story idea I've been kicking around for a while. I have the basic framework. Just need to fill in a few blanks.

Thanks for the kind replies. There will be more :)

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*happy, gratified gasp*

Considering I'm female, and most everyone else on this board pretty much -- well, isn't, I suppose it would be all right if I virtually hugged Assmaster.

But for some reason, I also feel it will not be all right. So I won't.

But I can and will say that I am very glad to hear that you, Mister Assmaster, will not be bestowing another impse upon us. I appreciate it muchly.

And I also await this "more" you speak of. ;)

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