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DeHackED question (legacy only)

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Ok, I am not that advanced with DeH files, but know enough to get most things done...

...until now.

What I want to pull off is something like the Imp 2 in strain. You notice how they move around real fast then stop, move around fast, then stop, ect.

How exactly do you do that? If I simply copy to values down and duplicate them onto a normal Arachnotron, it does not do anything, which means trouble because not only do I have to get this effect working, I also need to transfer it to another enemy.

I'd like to have the flaming skulls act like this, in that they move all over the place really fast, then slow down for a bit to scout around for something to shoot.

If anyone can help me, please get back in touch, thankx!

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that doesn't seem to be specific to legacy, but the way it's done is you change the frame durations in the frame table section of dehacked. a longer duration means the frame will remain 'active' for that time, shorter durations make it appear shorter etc

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Confusing, but I got nearly got it complete.

Thankx for the help. I know it does not pertain to just Legacy, but it seems like everytime I do not state that it is for Legacy, everyone starts giving me BEX advice and stuff. :)

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