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SPOILER: open only if you have already seen RELOADED!

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fraggle said:

Having said this, it was almost worth seeing just for the special effects and the fight scenes.

And the keymaker was the coolest character ever.


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I've been replaying the fight scenes lately. Some of the Agent Smith body doubles in the Smiths scene are truly awful. They look nothing like Weaving at all, hell one of them has half as much hair as him.

I don't mind the ending that much, though I did feel a little deflated by it. I guess I'm just interested to see how quick they figure out that it's Smith in Revolutions.

Have you seen the teaser for Revolutions btw?

"Mr. Anderson... we missed you!"

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pritch said:

Have you seen the teaser for Revolutions btw?

"MR. ANDERSON! Welcome back... we misssssed yoouu..."

Is it just me, or this there a reprise of the Matrix 1 lobby in Revolutions?

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I'm caught between 4/5 and 5/5. I have no beefs about the fight scenes because IMO i reckon the first one could have done with one or two more. I generally think the sequel was really cool, my only critism at the moment is that i felt the twist was obvious for me.

Oh and i may have to see the first matrix movie to be sure but i could have sworn Link was in the first one only a different actor played him then. If that's true then i'm like "WTF?"

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i was the one who said NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

there was too much long ang senceless fightings (chineseguy vs Neo, Smiths vs Neo, Neo vs guys with a spikes)...

I was ready to leave when i saw the Zion rave part - that was 1)stupid, 2)too long, 3) and stupid again.

It was lol when they showed the mechlike suits - how the pilots aim their chainguns?!!! where the armourplates?!!!

the plot sucked a lot!!!

BUT: i guess the end of story will suck even more then Reloaded...

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I like the architect scene and the extension of the mystery of what the Matrix series is all about...but too much love/sex type shit...gigantic Zion orgy, unecessary view of Neo's bare ass, orgasmic cake, french dude's wife kissing Neo (and other characters if you play Enter the Matrix).

I say 4.

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Rubilacxe said:

...the architect scene...

...and that was so outfitted of the classic cyberpunk plots!!! Damn, i expected that the Main Evil Character will appear as kinda geek punk or at least as a child...

BTW movie tells us about the ability to be free, but why it is happend that you know the plot and the end from the very beggining!

C'mon, everybody knew that Neo will extend his abilities and will continue to kick the asses without having a scratch!!! And all those love story seqiences are just so lame.

The most shitiest feeling that ive got from the MR was that all these Matrix series will finish with a bright pinky happyend!!! Oh Neo, you saved all humanbeings, oh Neo you set them free and shit like that...


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