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Sir Phoenixx

A few questions...

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What are the average polygon counts for the weapons? characters? other stuff?

And is there a polygon limit for the md2 model files? Or zdoom?

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Hmm, I'm not sure what they are since I haven't started working with the models yet. I think there is a polygon limit for md2 models, but it's probably some obscene number like 32767 vertices or something like that. I'll have to check out the format specs.

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Well, with .md3 (Quake 3), you have a limit of 1500 polygons, 10 objects, with 1000 vertices per object (max of 10,000 vertices for the entire model. Not counting each vertex only once, Quake 3 counts each time a line connects to a vertex, so having 2 polygons connecting to a vertex (kind of like this: >< ) would count as 4 vertices). I'd guess it would be less than .md3's limits...

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