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Serious about 3D benchmarking?

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If you're into the benchmarking process you may already be familiar with SPEC. They are continuously developing programs that measure the performance of OpenGL on home computers etc.

If you have DSL/cable you can download the new SPECviewperf 7.1 (or patch 7.0 if you have it) and get detailed reports over the full range of very complex 3D objects your computer displays in games/graphics utilities etc.

IMO this is infinitely preferable to 3D Mark. Be warned, it's a big download though.


At the end you'll get a weighted score for each type of viewset, which basically equates to a maximum fps figure.

It's not really right to compare PC to PC here, but I'll give you my weighted scores. I couldn't be bothered to *fully* prepare my system for the test, and if you don't either I guess you could add a few tenths to the scores.

Run All Summary

3dsmax-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 7.985

drv-09 Weighted Geometric Mean = 20.37

dx-08 Weighted Geometric Mean = 35.04

light-06 Weighted Geometric Mean = 8.626

proe-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 8.224

ugs-03 Weighted Geometric Mean = 11.81

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Espi said:

That's one huge motherfucking benchmark there.

You damn right!

Yeah it's best avoided on 56k :)

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