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PC video trailer???

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Hi im new here and I was just wondering which trailer do I download??? I have the 35mb trailer from the E3, but I have found one thats 60mb zipped saying PC trailer from E3 2003. I am d-loading it from DOOM 3 Files d3files.com/ Does anyone know anything about this trailer???

Update: Its a very high quality quick time version of the other e3 trailer. Alot better...

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I have the 35MB one and the 66MB one... Only difference I can really see is that one has a Gamespot watermark on it and one has an IGN watermark on it. :P

There is a noticable quality difference if you pause both of them on the same frame and study it, but in motion there's nothing really noticable. Only reason I prefer the larger one really is that the IGN watermark is much less intrusive.

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insertwackynamehere# said:

I downloaded one in AVI format, which doesn't run with my quicktime plug in. Any suggestions for players which support this format?

Windows Media Player?

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The one I got had been compressed with DivX. If yours is too, you'll need to DL and install the DivX codec. Once you do that, it should play just fine with the Windows media player, or DivX's own player.


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