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Decal issue

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I fired a rocket at a door, it hit up near the ceiling. The decal didn't "fold" over to fit on the ceiling, but it does extend up past the top of the door, the top part of the decal mysteriously connected to nothing at all. I have screenshots incase I have not been clear, but you will have to instruct me as to where I need to put them.

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It is also possible to hit a wall at a corner and the decal not fold round the corner, but hang out into the "air" beyond the wall from certain angles. I think timmie is aware of this though.

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Well, I don't really think it should fold around the corner in that situation, it should just be cut off. If a rocket hits something near a corner, the decal should be cut off if it's gonna fold convex, and fold around if it's gonna fold concave, if you know what I mean.

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