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Doom MIDI Extractor

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I recomend deepsea. nice and easy. but a lot of the music you can find on google.

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True, you can use those programs. But I think you mean a program which JUST extracts MIDIs, right? I used to use something like that before I needed WinTex. It was called MUSTOOL, and you can find it in the archives.

Hope this helps. Oh, and if you make your own levels, you can use MUSTOOL to add music to your levels as well (without the hassle of using a full lump-management program).

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Ichor said:

I'll let you in on a little secret. He's been banned for ban evasion, so he won't be able to read this.

Heh... wow. Reminds me of the time somebody got banned four times in a row, and they happened to be on my IP range so I got banned as well... that was back in December though.

Well, anyway. Forget I said anything.

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