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After the Fall: Part 2

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Part 1

Justin paced in his cell. He understood why he was placed here. His initial reaction to his current condition could have injured someone. So it was for the best that he be confined until he became a little more used to his situation. But it certainly didnt help him feel any more human than he did now. The food didnt help either. Apparently, this body's stomach could only digest raw meat. So that's what he was fed. Justin hated it, but he had to eat. General Anders and the Area 51 staff were very apologetic of course. They tried to make him as comfortable as possible. But Justin didnt want apologies or comfort. He wanted out of here. He wanted to get at those monsters out there. He wanted to make them pay for the monster that was now in here.

And pay they would! This spike covered brown body; this "Imp", as the staff had named it, was almost seven feet tall and strong as a horse. It was hard to get used to at first. But four days in confinement had given him time to learn it's abilities, especially since he barely slept. It couldn't really be called "sleep". It was more of a trance-like state. He would stand in place and his mind would enter a strange dream world. Dreams that Justin could do without.

"Sergeant James."

It was the General. He was accompanied by Dr. Gentry and another staff member. A younger guy named Szymanski.

Justin got up from the corner where he was sitting and met them at the cell door.

"How are you feeling Sergeant", said Anders.

"How do you think I feel." snapped Justin.

Anders scowled at him.

"Sir, I apologize, sir", said Justin. He didnt mean to be out of line. He was just frustrated.

"We've made contact with our people in New York City", said Anders. "We'll be headed there shortly."

Gentry tapped away at a nearby console and the cell door opened. Justin stepped out and Szymanski immediately stepped towards him.

General Anders continued. "We're just going to check your condition. Then we'll head off to New York. How has your memory been?"

"It's improved a little", said Justin as Szymanski checked his pulse. "I'm remembering a little more about the attack."

"Good", said Anders. "Your going to need it. When the time comes, you'll be sent out with no weapons."

"No weapons!" Justin blurted in outrage. Gentry became visibly nervous.

"You have to blend in soldier. We havent seen any of these imp things carrying weapons" said Anders. "We have seen them use some sort of built-in mechanism for hurling flaming bolts of some sort. You may have noticed the large pores in your hands."

Justin looked down at his palms. They were peppered with small, but visible pores. He hadnt noticed this before. He had spent most of his time trying to avoid looking at himself.

"There are glands attached to those", said Dr. Gentry. "We dont know how they work though. But they do function."

He looked down at the floor while saying this. Then proceeded to tap away at some consoles. That's when Justin realized where the man's horrible scar had come from. Justin wanted to say something, but didnt.

General Anders broke in. "Dont worry son, you wont be going in alone."


They walked briskly through the concrete hallways towards the teleport station. General Anders updated Justin on the current situation.

"You werent the only one to volunteer for this job. There were four others. One of them is awaiting you at the New York facility."

"One? What about the others," asked Justin.

Without skipping a beat, the General answered "The first two men went insane shortly after they awoke. The third went AWOL. He's presumed dead."

Justin swiveled his head and stared at General Anders in shock. But this face's musculature was different, and the "shock" looked more like rage.

"Dont worry Sergeant. You've made it this far. I'm confident you wont fail us."

Justin stopped walking. Anders stopped shortly afterward.

"If I succeed in my mission, whatever it is. What will happen to me?"

Anders smiled at him.

"Come with me."

They took a detour to the bio-containment lab. Area 51 staff, as well as a few military personell, bustled around, shooting glances at Justin.They approached a machine that looked sort of like an iron lung. Justin peered in through the fogged glass of the chamber and experienced mixed feelings of fright, anger, and self-hatred.

Inside the glass and steel chamber lied his own body, wrapped in all sorts of tubes, in what appeared to be a peacefull slumber.

"What happened to his leg? I mean my leg", asked Justin. There was a metalic brace around what should have been his left leg.

"When we found you, your leg was broken. It should be repaired just in time for your return. At which point we can transfer your consciousness back into it. You won't be this way forever."

Justin was glad to hear that. He looked back through the glass and laid a clawed finger against it. He wanted to cry. But this creatures eyes werent designed for such a trivial, human display.

"I assume you've used one of these before," said Anders.

"No Sir, I haven't," replied Justin. He was a little uneasy about the whole teleportation thing. The technology was frequently used, but still...

"Well don't worry Sergeant.You'll make it through just fine. Take a good look around, this is going to be a one way trip."
General Anders stepped into the circular, glass enclosed vestibule. A glass door slid into place, sealing him in. Facility technicians got busy doing whatever it is they do at their consoles as Anders stood as proudly as any military man would. He gave Justin an encouraging smile.

Justin was hardly encouraged though. The length of this whole process only heightened his anxiety. The General's words were a little bothersome also. "One way trip?" Minutes ago they were discussing what would happen after they returned. "Just a little mistake" thought Justin.

Finally, there was the sound of an energy build-up accompanied by a luminescence from the teleporter's blue colored floor. And with a whining reverberation, every fiber of the General's being dissipated like a cloud of smoke.

"He's arrived safely," said one of the technicians to Dr. Gentry. "You can step in now Sergeant."

The door slid open and Justin stepped inside. It closed as he truned around. Justin wished that he had gone first instead of the General. He wanted to see a friendly face before this new experience. The only familiar face here was that of Dr. Gentry. Justin gave him a smile, but wasn't sure if his facial muscles were acting accordingly. Either way, the doctor didn't smile back. Justin didn't blame him.

The low electrical whine began again. This was it. Justin took a deep breath and kept his eyes open. He wanted to see this happen.

The whine hit it's crescendo.

Pure, infinte darkness.

"We won't leave you like they all did"

Justin's surrounding's were suddenly, pleasingly different. General Anders stood before him. He had made it through without a problem. But what was that voice he'd heard in the darkness?

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Bwah . . . Beautiful! Amsolutely (typo intended) bee-yay-yoo-tih-ful! Amazing! I kindah figured that's how poor Justin managed to wind up in an Imp's body . . . Very cool! I can't wait for more! And this voice . . . Human or alien? Must find out . . . Must read more!


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I think its a bit wierd that they'd wait a few days and let him get pissed off and maybe go insane from what he's been turned into, only to casually say "Oh we can put you back into your old body later", i think they would have got that out of the way at the start..oh well XD

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