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zdoom/zdlauncher question?

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I started playin doom again finally and last night I wanted to play some co-op with a bud of mine. We both have zdoom 1.22 and zdoomgl 0.74 and the latest zdlauncher. The multiplayer option didn't work in zdlauncher (neither of us could connect and we got an error about GetPacket: ECONNRESET) and I couldn't find a way to start a multiplayer game without it. We can play multi with legacy doom, but I like zdoom better. Any one have any ideas of what we can do?

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Make sure you have it pointing to the zdoom or zdoomgl exe file (you can check this from the option menu then click preferences and make sure you have the doom or doom2 wad in the same dir).

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Type the following in a command line box (DOS Box):

For the host:
zdoom -host 2 +map map01

For the client:
zdoom -join IpOfHostHere

BTW, there's also a multiplayer forum.

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