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What's on with the textures ?!

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I've just donwloaded and installer ZDoomGL 0.74 in two directories, one whit Doom.wad and one with Doom2.wad ..

When I play the game, textures are corrupted, like I can see thought them (like when IDCLIP is on)...

Here are some samples :
In The Ultimate Doom, E1M1

In Hell on Earth, M01

I don't know if the bug is known or if it isn't but it's like that on all my 3 computers...

Is the problem known ? Is there a solution ? Must I wait until the 0.8 release comes ?

Thanks very much!!
By the way, je 0.66 + MD2 rocks !!

PS : Sorry if my english is bad, I'm french and my only english capabilities are learned at school ;) :D

Bye :)

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Ton anglais est acceptable, pas de problème. Ils devraient tous comprendre.

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Thank you Timmie, I will test it now.

Boris : 0.66 = merde, c vrai, mais il marche au moins ;)

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Ok, I've done the modification and the game runs normaly now.
Thanks a lot :)

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