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A Story Doodle Thingy (TM)

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Just something I did because I got some funny ideas in my crazed mind.

And I'm sorry, but it doesn't have any impsex, although it's pretty close to having it.

The air is cool and slightly stale. Various sounds reach my ear: droning machinery, active ventilation systems, buzzing electrical systems, my own armor-covered boots against the metallic floor as I make my way down the gloomy hallway. Occasionally, a distorted human scream echoes through the darkness from somewhere deep within this place, making my heart race faster.

Metallic, but surreal walls greet me throughout my journey. I hear the sounds of machinery from every direction, yet I haven’t seen any machine yet. Only bare metal walls.
Shadows are everywhere, distorted by lights that have no source. At least not visibly. I see my own shadow before me on the grated floor. It seems so terribly small and is like a defenceless little child waiting to be consumed by the encroaching darkness.
But I do not fear the darkness.

I fear the sounds and the origin of them.

I fear what might be lurking in the darkness.

What am I doing here?

Where is ‘here’?

Sweat trickles down my face inside my closed combat helmet. My breathing is heavy. I fight to control my emotions. To control my fears.

The armour vest feels heavy, yet I know that it is remarkably light. I hear my own breath inside the breather of my helmet and I sense my beating heart, hoping that it will stay that way. Sweat covers my body inside my combat suit.

I hold the shotgun tightly, clinging to it like a child clings to its mother in the face of danger. My weapons are my only means, my only chance for salvation. My desire to kill takes a backseat to the growing fear.

The horribly loud sound of creaking metal next to me makes me leap sideways and swing my shotgun around to face the sound. A wall bursts open. I stare into a horrific face. It is pink with glowing yellow eyes and a large mouth filled with filthy, yellow teeth. It is shaped like a gorilla and moves about on four legs. Its limbs are incredibly muscular and every move the creature makes gives a hint of frightening power. It all feels so surreal.
My reflexes do not let me down. I squeeze the trigger and the weapon in my hands roars back at the grunting monster in the wall blowing off half of the creature’s face, but the monster does not stop and it bursts free of the wall and advances menacingly on me. The face advances on me.

I pump the slide, aim and fire again, finally downing the beast. I let out a heavy sigh. Then wonder where the remains of the beast are.

They’re gone.

I turn away from the hole in the wall, puzzled and worried.
I continue my journey, more paranoid than before, until I see a strange, reddish light ahead of the darkening metal tunnel. I hurry towards it, trying to get away from the darkness. I rush into what appears to be a large room, illuminated by the glow.

But the ground disappears under my feet and I tumble screaming into infinity.




Fear so deep and intense that I want to kill myself to end it.
Pain so terrible that it feels like my skin burns away, while I still live.
Chaos surrounds me in every conceivable form. Sights so strange that I can only believe that I’m mad.

I can sense the wailing sounds of thousands, no millions of people. People writhing in agony, screaming out their torment.

A plane of torment stretches before me. I don’t know how I got here. Ragged cliffs and mountains, fire leaping from a terrible abyss that seemingly threatens to swallow this abominable landscape and constantly morphing surroundings greet me wherever I look. I see the corpses. They are horribly mutilated beyond any recognition.
A body has been shrivelled up, its skin torn off, revealing its exposed muscles and organs, all rotten. The stench is unbearable. Indescribable.

I want to vomit. Badly.

And yet I cannot.

I don’t know where I am, but it feels like this place is Hell. Did I die? Did my soul go to Hell? I feel fully healthy, yet just a minute ago I felt the most horrible agony.

I step forward, dirt crunching under my boots. The smell is unbearable as are the tortured sounds in and outside my head. And I think to myself:

I’m gonna go mad here! No, I AM mad!

I round a corner seemingly made of flesh and brimstone and stop dead in my tracks.

On a red carpet I see a naked woman sitting with one leg crossed over the other, concealing her crotch. Her right arm covers both of the naked spheres that are her chests. Her body is slim, her skin looks soft and fine as silk and her hair is golden light brown. She raises her head and I recognize the face with the large, cute blue eyes, the small, but rather pointy nose and the narrow face.

Here I am in probably the worst imaginable place and then I meet no other but my first and last obsession: Monica!
My first and only girlfriend, who betrayed me several years ago. She looks exactly like I remember her: Beautiful and youthful.
She smiles and says in a kinky voice: “You?”

“Me,” I gasp in the affirmative, rubbing my eyes one after the other with my free hand.

She briefly looks at me and says: “Come on, I know you want to!” And she lowers her right arm, revealing what is behind. I think she is incredibly beautiful like that.

I fumble with my armor, struggling against my thoughts. One part of my mind screams: you’re a damn fool if you fall for her again! Remember what she did to you! You don’t want that to repeat itself would you?
The other part is just pure lust. I want to strip down naked and then grab her, hold her in my arms and press my naked flesh against hers.

She suddenly looks at me with a new, terrifying demeanour.
“You shouldn’t be here!” She hisses and her voice is suddenly more hoarse and it changes rapidly.
“No mortal man belongs here!” Her voice now sounds like a hissing snake and her eyes glow a burning red.

I step back in terrified fascination, as her skin rapidly turns brown before my eyes. Her body is suddenly covered in wrinkles and it morphs and mutates, turning into a body more male than female. And as I watch, the creature’s burning red eyes are no longer human eyes with eyelids, but burning red orbs in the indescribable face. The nose and the soft, pretty lips rot away, revealing a skeletal mouth with square-shaped teeth. Bony spikes protrude from its brown-grayish, leathery hide.

The creature hisses and with surprising speed it leaps onto me, its weight forcing me to the ground. I realize with horror that I’m no longer wearing my armour. And even before this realization sinks in, the creature’s razor talons rip into my throat...

I woke up with a loud gasp, drenched in sweat. Looking around, I saw that I was on board the transport craft headed for Mars, and I remembered why I was here.
Those damn nightmares, I thought and got up, no longer wanting to sleep. Looking out of a small window, the only window in this rotten craft, my eyes narrowed.

The red planet was looming before my eyes!

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Gentlemen, yes, you can write a DOOM 'fic without fully capitulating to your desires.

*applauds* Quite tastefully done, at least in my eyes. This seems like it's a stand-alone piece, but it'd be cool if you could continue with similar dreamscapes.

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Sweeeet! I like that, it would be a cool introduction/plelude(sp?) for a story IMHO. I think Hell is different for everyone; it knows your weakness, and this is a good example of Hell exploiting that guy. Here it turns fear of the monsters and the droning abyss(to soften him), past love(to remove his armour) and the irony of the betrayal to inflict maximum pain physically, mentally and emotionally.

(Sorry to drone on.)

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