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id's Latex Doom sculpts

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I can't find better pics of them, exept the ones from the Legacy video (excluding the spidermastermind). Does anyone know the name of the guy who made'em?.. maybe he's got a website with full pics of em, or I could ask him if he can E-mail me better high res pics, that I could uplaod to this site.

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Adrian only made the grey clay ones. someone else made the latex ones of the Mancubus, Arch Ville and revenent, the same guy who did some stuff for Robocop.

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Nein. It was Gregor Punchatz (he did the Spider Mastermind, and that's about it AFAIK), who did stuff for Robocop and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Also, there WERE models of latex made by id. Here's the way they did it :

Hand drawn, scanned clay, latex and metal models, some were made with small wooden mannequins and clay.

- source Sybex's Doom strategy guide (included some interviews and backround Doom info)

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