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Deep Sea 11.1

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Hey Jack,
I really love the new features (that I have so far discovered) on Deep Sea 11.1.
The Thing Browser is a stroke of genius.
The automatic texture alignment is truly remarkable. What reason do I have now to spend hours of wasted time altering texture alignments by hand? It just took away that excuse.
I like the new HTML format on the new help file.

Good Job, Great Product.

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I appreciate your positive comments.

A lot of the features are from either feedback or somebody just asking for a feature. The Thing browser was one such feature that was asked for.

Initially I figured the Thing browser would just be fun to do. Then it turned out to be a lot handier than I imagined.

I'm changing the prefab tool a bit for similar reasons. Being too close to the code makes me unaware sometimes of how a beginner can get confused.

Enjay just suggested a "shadow" mode for the Prefabs. That's where it shows an outline of the prefab as you move the mouse, but before you place it. After a couple of tries, I finally got it to where it should help beginners a lot.

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