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license plate madness

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remembering both the dopefish license plate and our love of impse, i am going to start something. i'm only going to count this for the us though.

one person from every state needs a license plate that reads either

impse dw
impse xx

where xx is any two numbers. first person to claim the state gets the right to get this. i claim illinois. pictures of our plates would be nice too (though it sometimes takes a while).

let's go!

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You can't have more than 6 characters on your plate here, so IMPSE DW is out. But, there are a lot of vanity plates already registered that begin with IMP. I myself would rather get something like IDDQD, but I don't feel like waiting 8-13 weeks or spending the money.

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Once we had a car with the licence plate 260 ARA. While travelling to and from a nearby city, we passed a white Ford Mustang three times in a two-week period. Its licence plate was 240 ARA.

It wasn't under routine circumstances either. Once we were simply behind the car on the bridge into the city in the afternoon. Next time it was the evening, and we were entering the city while it was leaving in the opposite lane. Then a few days later it was in the lane next to us on the way into the city in the evening.

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