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PSX Doom Skies

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Anyone know where I can find the graphics used for the sunset sky used extensively in Ultimate Doom in the PSX version of Doom? BTW is this different from the PC one, as I never played it?

Oh, and anyone know where I can find the starry night sky from PSX Master Levels too? Is this the same one as was featured in the PC version?

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Sunset sky-E4 of ultimate doom, which you dont have so that wont help you XD

Starry sky-No, PC master levels (at least the ones i played) used normal skies, but the starry sky can be found in loads and loads of wads..

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The second episode of TNT Evilution has a spacey sky.

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Thanks, death bringer, I was wondering if the PSX and PC Ultimate Doom E4 skies were the same, evidently they are.. which is good, because all I need do now is find a copy of Ultimate Doom, and the sky is mine!

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deathbringer said:

In the PC version it doesnt scroll though, oh well XD


You can always steal the starry sky from Vrack

/me dodges Fredriks punches

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