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Mountain Doomer

Hello people!

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Hello, I just registered. I'm a long time ZDoom user, but this is the first time I've used ZDoom GL. My comp is PIII Coppermine @ 1005 MHz w/ 112 MB RAM, OS is Win98SE, ZDoom version is 1.22 beta 33.

I live in rural countryside and have a BIG distaste of cities. I also live in the same community where Eric Rudolph was caught last weekend. Don't worry, I'm actually glad they finally caught him. He's brought enough bad publicity to my area for long enough. I agree with his beliefs, but I don't condone bombing stuff. Anyway, I still play Doom some because I still like to play some of the mods that have been released for it.

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Mountain Doomer said:

Has this been corrected in 2.0.47?

Yes. In fact I don't remember having the problem in 38, but maybe, it was a while ago. Once you install 2.0.47, bring down the console and type whereisini. That will report the location of the ini file zdoom is using. If it is anywhere other than your zdoom directory, delete the ini and start again. Randy experimented with placing the ini in an alternative directory with a few versions and I know that old ini files left lying around the hard drive have caused some people problems.

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