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I dunno, I just thought I'd entertain everyone with a game.


I play it occasionally when I'm bored. Yesterday I got to level 47. My previous record was 26 so that's not a bad run.

The rules of the game are hard to figure out at first. You have to make a diamond out of a single color (or using a white wild tile) and it disappears. To go to the next level you have to clear all the star tiles. You can do that by using them in a diamond or just blowing them up.

The thing that messed me up to start wtih was that I didn't know you could put pieces UNDER other peices. If you click on an existing tile, it shifts all the others upwards. Makes the game a lot easier. I thought it was impossible until I stumbled across that. My record was level 3 until then.

Anyway, I have screenshots of most of the levels. The worldwide high score table isn't setup yet but I think they're working on it. Have fun or something.

Shots: http://xfury.net/Xarenrath/images/Squinx

PS: Try not to flood that server, my friend hosts it.

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yeah i've been playing this as well. i'm not that great but i got to level 14 yesterday. it's something to play if you have some spare time on your hands and like playing new puzzle games (i always find them pretty interesting myself).

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oh and nami, on your screenshots page you have a couple that are listed as 3 and 4 instead of 03 and 04 so they're not sorted correctly.

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