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Editing some Boom text...

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I'm working on a little project right now and I have a question. Since I'm making the red skull key something different, I want to change the text from saying "red skull key required to open this door" (or whatever it says) to be "(what it is changed to) required to open this door". So how do I do it? Do I need to make a .bex file with the changes in it? If so, where do I find a list of "new door" text? (the ones that are in Boom, but not Doom2.exe)

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If you want full flexibility in terms of length of message, you'll need to use a bex patch. A full list of the changeable messages can be found in BooMdeh.txt.

Note that the document lists the text string as GOTREDSKULL. That's a typo. It needs to be GOTREDSKUL. AT the bottom of your DeHacked/bex patch, simply insert a bex TEXT STRING such as:

GOTREDSKUL = You picked up the whang-dang-doodle!

To make your door or switch display a different message, use the following:

PD_REDS = You need the whang-dang-doodle to open this door

You can also use the text editing feature of DeHacked, but your replacement message must be no shorter and no longer than a specified number of characters.

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