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oh no! even more lemmings!

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well, although i've been playing doom almost since it came out, i've always played lemmings. it was probably the first game we had on our computer. of course there was also lemmings 2, lemmings 3d, lemmings paintball, et cetera et cetera.

so the question: are there any level editors currently avaliable for lemmings (be it 1, 2, paintball, 3d or whatever)? that would be most kick ass if there were since this is one of the best games ever imho. of course, was the source code even released? just wondering, since i love lemmings so much (though not as much as mancubi).

oh yeah: the lemmings music almost kicks doom's music's ass, but they're two completely different genres, so i can't really compare.

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Someone should make a lemmings game using the Doom 3 engine.
Don't ask me how... don't ask me why...

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there's a dm wad out there somewhere, actually.

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