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New version of Edge Launcher(ESL)

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Just to let anyone who's interested know that I've just released version 1.15 of ESL.

New Stuff includes:
++ 4 Customizable Buttons that you can use to call your favorite Doom editing Apps

++ Complete change of the .ini and .elc file structure (don't worry your old .elc files will be automatically updated when you open them)

++ Ability to choose language from inside ESL (no more separate language files)

++ Support for Deh files (Yeah, I know thats not for Edge but people asked me for it)

++ The usual bug cleanup :)

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Another new version of ESL is available for downloading. Aren't I quick lately?

ESL v1.2 includes the following new possibilities:

++ You can now add Iwads to the Add-ons list due to the possibility that someone might want to include Doom.wad or Doom2.wad as if it were a Pwad.

++ If the DebugFile option is selected then the debug files will be created in the Edge directory with the same name as the current .elc project. For example if you have GoldenEye4.elc open and you run it with the DebugFile option checked, then you will get a debug file called GoldenEye4.txt in your Edge directory.

++ Option to allow automatic deletion of .gwa files. I can't believe I've had all these releases of ESL without that option!

++ Possibility of adding .scr files(RTS scripts) to the Add-ons list.

++ Possibility of defining a DDF directory.

++ Fixed silly problem with Custom Buttons.where if you pressed Edit and then Cancel the button was reset to empty. (thanks Tobester)

++ Drag and Drop code fixed. In the previous version it was accidentally disabled

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