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again... the revenant fireball trail topic..

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I'm sure it's been asked before, even by me i believe, but in the need to know more, assigning sounds to the bullet puffs, and the resulting fireball trails, could a person assign different frames for the puff animation where the sound is no longer invoked?

I did my best by using dehacked and assigned the health potion animation as the first frame of the fireball trail, (that was interesting to say the least, but with cool implications)

Of course, the potions remained, but kept rising cuz of no gravity, but even though it was a different animation with it's own looping, the fifth frame of the trails still remained!

Is the number of frames to be displayed in the trails coded that way? the potions have 4 frames, and the trails have 5 frames, but i figured reassigning to a whole different animation wouldnt have the 5th frame of the trail invoked.

Ok i guess it's 2 questions, but i'm still hard pressed to believe a person cant get bullet puffs to make a sound and somehow lose those sounds from the fireball trails. Oh, and of course, this is using Vanilla Doom.

Any takers? Could use the help!

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The problem is that the fireball trail is made up of 2 types of spawned puffs.

One is identified as an item in dehacked (Fireball Trail). This uses the same graphics as the bullet puff but is a different item.

However the fireball also generates a genuine bullet puff as part of the trail (I can't remember exactly how this is done, but the frequency that they are produced is slightly randomized IIRC). Because this is a genuine bullet puff, and not just a fireball trail that looks like a bullet puff, any change you make to the bullet puff item will also appear whenever a bullet puff is generated by the fireball trail routine.

I've tried a few ways to get round this and pretty much failed. The production of the bullet puff is hard coded and you cannot just make it so that the fireball trail only consists of fireball trail items using dehacked. My compromise was to pick a ricochet sound that didn't sound too bad when generated as part of the fireball trail, and I gave the actual trail a "flying through the air" sound to help mask the ricochets. This worked OK with the mod I was doing where the fireball was changed to be like a mechanical homing rocket. It may or may not be convincing with the regular revenant rocket.

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