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Open GL model issues

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i just updated to the newest ver today, after not updating in like 6 months...i got the latest ver and the model pack. Before i did this, everything worked perfectly fine....and my system is more than capable of handling this. However, now the opengl models, the dynamic lighting, and textures simply dont show up. The only thing that seems to work is the basic zdoom features such as pullet puff and blood converted to particles...(and i AM running zdoomgl...i'm sure of that..) any ideas?

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Yup, things had to be stripped right down to the basics since the old ZDoomGL was based on ZDoom 1.22 and the new ZDoomGL is based on ZDoom 2.0. There were a lot of architectural changes and it was just simpler and better to start fresh. So basically it's a straight OpenGL port of ZDoom right now. I'm just finishing off a couple of issues and then the ZDoomGL 0.7x series will be done (the ZDoom feature-set series) and I can move on to ZDoomGL 0.8 (dynamic lighting and texture shaders (for Quake3 style texturing)).

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