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Silent Hillish BoH Sprite

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Hello. :) I finally managed to get my hands on Silent Hill for the PSX (already played SH2 ^^) and got an inspiration on something. I was gonna make a full blown picture of this, but I needed something to look at while I did, so I came up with a sprite of the picture I'll be drawing. Since it might take a little bit for the pic to be finished, I decided to show the sprite off first so everyone would get an idea of what it would look like. :) Oh, and the BoH base sprite I used was one of the big ones that I resampled, so it's actually a higher quality sprite then normal. ^^;

Like I said, I made this so I could get an idea of what to draw. The picture I come up with might look completely diffrent then the sprite test. :)

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1st reaction: OMG!!!

reflection 1: it looks like BoH got dirty...

reflection 2: ...and its really really dirty...

the final thought: OMG!!!

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Omg, how did you make that red x so red?. Damn, that look cool. heh.

(your host is down or what?)

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Looks good right now... I post my stuff on keenspace, which sometimes is rather hard to keep up, but at least it'll allow me to show off pics directly without c&p. ^_^ I also have a comic there, but no one reads it, so I hardly every update anymore. :/

The brown 'stuff' should looks like some kind of fabric/human skin that was sewn on, but it's a sprite so it's hard to tell. ^^; I also added some blood around the 'skin', but it's hard to see. Oh, and I recolored the hand so it was it's regular color and didn't glow green. :)

Anywho, I'll go work on the pic some more now. Please, more feedback. I don't care if it's good or bad as long as it's helpful in some way. :)

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DemonDemon said:

... I'll go work on the pic some more now. Please, more feedback. I don't care if it's good or bad as long as it's helpful in some way. :)

Yay, thats a spirit!

I guess you did well with BoH, but you could choose imp sprite. Anyway i would suggest to change color balance on those skiny SH parts that you added, to get more red, flesh looking color.

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Nice work :) I've just gotten into the Silent Hill series quite recently (2 and 3), so they're quite fresh in my mind.

Following on from what wasted said, IMHO the Mancubus would also be a pretty good candidate for a SH-esque revamp ;)

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There we go, I got a peliminary drawing of my 'idea'. The merger of two diffrent types of hell into one wretched creature that I've decided to call Titan. :) The first picture is of the origional baron of hell that somehow made it's way into a creepy ass town of Silent Hill, the second an almost literal Titan of the ultimate of both hellish places.


With the massive strength and power of a hellspawn, and the indestructableness of a Silent Hill creature, I dub thee Titan, a creature powerful enough to destroy the hell of Silent Hill, the dimension of the hellspawn, and earth allong with it all. >:)

Oh, if you couldn't tell, this is forshadowing for a Doom/Silent Hill crossover I'm writing. :)

As for the pic, it's not in color because I didn't like it in color. Just didn't have that 'ominous' feeling. So I left it as black and white and inverted them so it was standing in darkness (really, like it should always be :). I'm gonna draw a better picture when I introduce Titan in the crossover; you know, as a mint to go with the story. :) (meaning it won't just be standing there looking creepy and will actually be doing something (also likely creepy;))

As for why I didn't actually Silent Hillify something more likely as a canidate is because out of all the doom monsters, the BoH (in my oppinion) is the epiphany of the hellspawn. Nothing else had the right 'stuff'. After the BoH, there was a lot of machinery and whatnot, but nothing really as noteable as the BoH, a figurehead of pure power. Even the Cyberdemon was likely a BoH at some point. So by taking the one creature you would never expect to be so easily corrupted by another form of hell, it's really suppost to be scarry in just the idea of it all. That, and it's the hardest one to do. :)

Oh, and the origional size of the pics I made were 800x1200, which is the first time I made a pic that big height wise. ^_^

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Oooh, cool. That 'dark' image scares me somewhat. I can definitely see different textures of skin; looks like it was stapled together, or somethin'.

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