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Netherworld : A Cursed Legacy

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Hello Doomers,
about 2 months ago I started the work on my latest ZDoom project, a new adventure in the world of Heretic/Hexen. But why? Well, I ever wanted to see all those great ZDoom features in a Hexen/Heretic based game :)
Mostly I'm using Heretic/Hexen textures but I also try to connect them with some of the Gothix textures. The story is placed after D'Sparil is destroyed and Corvin is left on the battlefields.
You will have to fight against Heretic/Hexen enemies but also variations of these and of course absolutely new enemies.

You can take a look at the story, the weapons, the enemies, the status and for sure screenshots at


Please give me some feedback, tell me your wishes towards this project and more :)

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that looks really really awesome. and, like opulent said, that's an awesome site, too.

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@Opulent - Thx alot, it was about 3 days of continous hard work :)

Thx for the feedback BUT does anyone of you have some suggestions about it?!

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