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Very good map overall.

Creepy start, good mood builder here.

Some very good looking rooms, especially the pistons and the outdoor room looked fantastic.

Very good ammo balance and gameplay in general, low on ammo in the right situations.

One thing though, I didn't manage to to get out of the shotgun room, I tried everything (I think) but had to noclip through the door to the pistons eventually (I played in vanilla doom2).

Thanks a lot for a good map.

EDIT: heh, tried it again and now the door worked fine, dunno what what was up that first time.

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Damn nice job on the map. At first I thought, "this just doesn't seem right". It was a bit of a creepy start.

Demo plays perfectly with cab 47 btw. ;)

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Excellent map! I knew that there wouldn't be a 2003 Great Doom Releases list on The DooMer's RecesS without a Wicked map! The list just isn't complete without one of Rex' great levels. Reminded me a bit of Kesler's maps, texture wise that is. But the architecture and layout: 100% Rex, and I love it!

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