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Pick your new art god! (3 days to vote)  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick your new art god! (3 days to vote)

    • Agnes
    • Espi
    • DemonDemon
    • zabnet
    • BlueSonnet

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This weeks contest was to do your own version of the doom space marine. I liked all the entries alot :) Thanks to all who entered ^__^

Contestants in order of submission:











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Dear god people ;)

I JUST posted it and was fixing all the little bugs ;)

It's fine now... ;)

And Lostsoul! Get back to work ;)
3d class isnt just a bird course! Oh wait.. it is.

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Agnes's is cool. Has a nice brashy quality about it.

Espi's is very very good. Evocative and well-drawn, if a bit Scandinavian :P

DemonDemon's is fun and very good on it's own but not perhaps best for the contest.

I liked zabnet's a lot too, very expressive and interesting background.

Bluesonnet's is superbly well-drawn too, consumately talented, nice and spooky.

Overall I have to say Espi's is just there for me but the standard is very high. Well done!

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I like the look of all the pics, but I also think it's kinda boring that everyone drew the same style (trying to make it look too real instead of making them less real and more a 'diffrent' style). Everyone and their left hand cousin twice removed and struck by lightning (I have, like, three of these ;) draws like this, there isn't really much of a style diffrence (well, except for mine, but I ain't voting for it, because it sucks like a Kirby :). The last contest had a broader range of diffrent styles, from realism to... funky town. :D So I'll just hold my vote. No offence to everyone who did stuff, but I just think they all look too much the same to choose the 'better' picture, and voting for myself is just plain ego boosting (as well as wasting my vote on a carppy pic (yes, carppy, not krappy:)), so I make no vote.

P.S. Vote for me, get a poison cookie! ;) (I can't even tell if that was a threat or an offer... :)

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yeah some really good stuff this week.. i thought agnes' and espi's were both awesome but i ended up putting in my vote for bluesonnet's (i think that excellent plasma gun sold me on it).

BlueSonnet said:

May the best man win. :)

or agnes =P

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It was between Agnes and Zabnat. I went with Zabnat.

BlueSonnet is like the Elvis Space Marine.

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I must say I love this whole idea of regular art contests.

I vote for Agnes, of course she just has an advantage being that she's obviously well trained in anatomy and perspective. Zabnat's is evocative but it has too many perspective problems.

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Linguica said:

I must say I love this whole idea of regular art contests.

Unfortunately this will have to be the last one for awhile. I was told to not make them too plentiful...

I'm sure if enough people ask for it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, maybe it will be allowed. Hmm. Let me know what you think. I was told I should cut them back to once a month.

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good idea, i've noticed the same thing doing speedmapping. if you do too many too often people will get tired of them until you have to stop and wait a month before you can get regular attendance again. it's doing really good right now but you need to pace it out more (maybe make it a once-a-month kind of thing) if you want it to stay that way :)

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Silverwyvern said:

Unfortunately this will have to be the last one for awhile. I was told to not make them too plentiful...


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I voted 4 Agnes.

Couse her art is tecknically awsome.

Espi's is good one. But the overshadowing and strange pose that he choose for DG are seemes quite weird to me...

DemonDemon's is colorful and fun one. It might be a great comic there.

Zabnet's is a bloody messed and gory and that makes it very cool and expressive. (My drawing for this very contest also contented mess and gory stuff but f^kin scanner is down... so you'll see it some other time).

Bluesonnet's is just great!!! Detailed and well drawn one. If there was no Agnes it could be you man. Keep it up!!!

About the Contest: i like the bi-weekly idea.

Maybe we should try to make some cyclelike system here, like the first Contest in the month will be one week based, the second will have two weeks to prepare. And then once again.

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