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Matrix soundtrack


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  1. 1. Which?

    • Sleep now in the fire
    • War within a breath
    • Take the power back
    • Your knowledge of RATM tracks sucks (specify)

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Its time to start placing bets: we've had "Wake Up" and "Calm like a bomb" for the first two movies. What Rage Against the Machine song will they use in Matrix: Revolutions?

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"War Within A Breath" should sound good in a Matrix movie.
Hearing "Calm Like A Bomb" at the end of Reloaded got me back into RATM a bit... hadn't heard them in a long time.

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"Killing in the name of".
Note that if they actually do use this song, chances are the ending should be quite unexpected.

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I thought this was something else.

Erm, one of them.

Anyhow, what's the song they play for the majority of the freeway scene?

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Trasher][ said:
"Mona Lisa Overdrive"

r0x my s0x, Burly Brawl is cool too.

As for rage, I have no idea. At this point, it could be any of them. But I think Revolution’s should be; RENEGADES OF FUNK LOLOlOL. Because, they're renegades, in funky clothes... get it??

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Fraggle what happened to the upside down cacofish? That was an awesome avatar! :( As for the song, I don't care. Anything is fine

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monochrome said:

they should use something from audioslave!!!!

I don't think it would suit it :P

Well, maybe :D

Oh, funny thing is, i'm downloading that song at the moment. Thanks Trasher.

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