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Does anybody know of Roger Wilco having a free dev toolkit? The website says you can add it to your game for free, but I can't find any downloads for the source code or anything.

Also, because of the way my Doom TC works, Lobo has made me a special launcher, kinda like his ESL. Do you guys think it would be cool to integrate Roger Wilco into the launcher. I think it's a spiffy feature to have for coop missions.

What do you guys think?

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Galaxy_Stranger said:

That is a VERY cool sig! Where did you get it from? Can I steal it?

Speaking of your sig, if you want that url to be a link to the site, instead of being regular text you can just add url tags around it.

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Roger Wilco is an internet voice chat program. It's got voice activation if you want it. Kinda acts like a CB radio.

I'll check out Gamephone.

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Gamphone looks cool, but it only supports modems. Roger Wilco will work over any network. Plus, we're wanting to integrate it into a special front-end for the mod.

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What do you mean? It costs money to USE Roger Wilco, or it costs money to get the SDK?

I've got a free downloadable version. And I believe it's the same version they have up for download.

Does anybody know if Roger Wilco can be run at the command line? That would solve most of my problems.

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