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Perforated Entrails Renaissance [Team?]

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Hello Doomers,
I finally announced the revitalising of Perforated Entrails and that's why I need a good team of mappers, sprite artists and anything else concerning WAD. Here you will get some related links:

http://tormentor667.covers.de/Tormentor667/index.php?action=rpgm2k_projekte (bottom)



[This has been deleted]Just tell me your opinions, your applications and anything else about PE :)[/this has been deleted]

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Tormentor667, before you start asking for help on your new mega-cool-and-whatnot project, make sure you have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of upcoming projects that actually never got done.

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@ralphis - It is an old project but it was never really finished. While it was cancelled, I thought of a lot of new and amazing aspects and that's why I will start off with it again :)

@Ultimate Doomer - Check the first link :) But ok, here you will get a few Screenshots:

Some more Info:
- Skulltag Deathmatch/Capture the Flag/Domination project
- Uses Quake 2 textures

If you have more questions about the old LE edition and the supposed new Renaissance, ask them now here or in my forum for exact info.

DOWNLOAD THE LE EDITION: http://tormentor667.covers.de/Tormentor667/files/perfent.zip
READ THE TXT: http://tormentor667.covers.de/Tormentor667/files/perfent.txt

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The fact that there are almost more projects than there are mappers means it's unlikely you'll get a particularly big team. In fact, it'll be quite an achievement if you manage to get anyone :|

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Tormentor667 said:

Dudes, I don't want to get feedback because I don't need it in this case. What I need are mappers and other team members who are willed to participate. If you want to feedback, visit the following thread:


Tormentor667 said:

Just tell me your opinions, your applications and anything else about PE :)

uh? Don't stop taking your medication!

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