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Need someone to compile a texture-wad

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Yep. I'm not getting any farther on my maps because I need more textures, so I can make some other "objects" besides some TEKWALL4 walls, or computers on the walls.

I would send .BMP files of all the textures, so someone can paste them into a new .WAD file. There will be up to 750 textures, can't go over DCK's limit, but that's plenty anyway. Please do e-mail me at pieceofshiat@hotmail.com if you can help, it would be very much appreciated. BTW it will also include floor textures, a statusbar and sounds. Help would be VERY MUCH appreciated BTW! ;)

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really, this is something you should be able to do yourself with wintex, deepsea or similar tool...

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If you have BMPs of the textures, then I could do it for you in a minute with Omgifol (magic). If you have a set of patches that though differ from the textures, I can't do it atm.

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