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ending headaches two...

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Well DOOM put a check beside Macvilewhore's name, and then decided to go to the next person. It was in fact, the main caco in Cacodemon Squad, Squissy Demon.

DOOM came up to the door, and purposely kept the Super Shotgun behind his back. The door opened. Squissy Demon came out of the door.

"Yeah, what is it?" He answered.

DOOM had the Super Shotgun pointed at Squissy Demon, but Squissy demon plugged both barrels and the Super Shotgun blew up.

"Okay, okay," DOOM told Squissy Demon, "I'll quit trying to kill you okay? What do you think of NOLF's ending?"

"It should have been better, and Cate Archer shouldn't have take things too seriously," Squissy Demon said, "And if she acts that way in the sequel's ending I'm gonna kill her!"

And with frustration Squissy Demon slammed the door so hard that the house fell apart. A pissed off Hissy stared at Squissy in the eye hideously.

"What?!?" Squissy Demon yelled out.

DOOM putted a check mark beside Squissy Demon's name and went to the next house. It was home of the hideous being, known as Dest-X. Dest-X detected him as Cacodemon Leader and started to get ready to kill him. DOOM got up to the door, and rang the doorbell. Dest-X opened the door, with a crowbar in the back of his hand. That time, Squissy Demon became suspicious and went to the house.

"Yes?" Dest-X answered DOOM.

"Um, what do you think of NOLF's...." DOOM Started.

Before DOOM could finish his question, Dest-X swinged the Crowbar at him. Squissy Demon charged towards Dest-X and grabbed him, and then Squissy hurled Dest-X dead straight into the sun at 90000 Miles an hour, and Dest-X died.

"Whew!" DOOM said to Squissy Demon, "Thanks for covering my back."

"No problem," Squissy Demon answered DOOM. "Maybe I should be by your side in case anymore of those freaks want to kill you."

Up in the Sun, Dest-X was completely melted.


"THAT'S DOOM TO YOU DESTMALLOW," The heat replied to Dest-X.

In the next part there is more trouble, like Dest's henchman, and not to mention some certain guy that should have died in the arctic...

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I WANT TO BE IN THIS!I want to crush someones balls with a brick and put a buttcrack in someones face with a hatchet.

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