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Tormented Entrails

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Tormentor667 has notified us about the last couple of updates to his Realm. Looks like he's decided to make another episode in the Torment and Torture series, this one being the fourth installment. He also mentions the (lack of) work being done on his Netherworld project, and finally, this:

As far as Perforated Entrails is still not finished and as far as Skulltag will soon feature ZDoom 2.0 feature capability, I'm going to start work again on the old maps and the old PMSC (Partial Mega Source Concersion, as I called it years ago :). By now I'm looking for skilled mappers and sprite artists, so if you think you are good, visit my forums and apply for a position :)

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sgtcrispy said:

cool man.

OMG Sgtcrispy, I miss you. :)

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