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Screwed PNAMES entry

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I have a WAD file which replaces sprites, flats,, patches, and all that stuff for The Ultimate Doom. I though I had a problem with the order of the entries, so I went into XWE and reordered it. However, I foolishly did not pay attention and used Doom 2 as the IWAD, and apparently XWE changed the PMAMES to include the Doom 2 patches. I did not realize this. My wad would not run under The Ultimate Doom. I messed around with it some more and tried to run it under ZDoom. All the textures were screwed up. I decided that there was a PNAMES error. Luckily, I had a copy of the non-screwed PNAMES entry, so I saved that and tried to replace the screwed PNAMES entry with it. It loaded, but Wintex didn't recognize it and wouldn't let me edit textures. I tried to run it under ZDoom and got an error something to the effect of :

atal Error
W_MaoLumpNum :123776 >= numlumps

I tried to replace it again in Wintex, and this time it wouldn't even let me. I tried copying the good entry in XWE and pasting into the WAD file with the bad one. I ended with duplicate entries. I deleted the shit one and tried tio run under ZDoom. Same error. Is there any way to replace the PNAMES entry, or to I have to remake the whole fucking thing?

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