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Naked Snake

Map 01 of TNT

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You look around.Once again your buds,dead,you armed with a pistol.From now on your not going anywhere without a shotgun or something.A fucking pistol.15 bullets too.Damn.You look around for something useful.Ah ha.A berserker pack.You grab the large black box and open it up.The needle is inside and you snatch it up.You inject yourself.You feel a burning hatred.You open the door and rush the zombies.They turn and you punch one,knocking its head off.You grab its rifle and swing it at the other one.Its head doesnt fly off.Instead it explodes in a shower of gore.The last one looks at you and you thrust the bayonet and impale it on the end.It drops its shotgun and claws at your face.It dies.You drop it and grab the shotgun and strap the rifle to your back.You hear a growl around the corner.You whip out the shotgun and turn the corner.A pink demon and two zombies.Easy pickings.You blast the demon right through the back of the neck.Its brains splat out and it drops to the floor.You shoot at the zombies.The first one drops.The next one doesnt.It points its M-16a1 and shoots.Bullets sting your flesh and you fire.It moans as it dies falling and makes a pool of blood.The switch near you is just itching to be pulled.Of course you pull it.Steps rise behind you and you turn to make sure you didnt also open an enemy filled secret room.You walk up and aproach the door.Nothing.Wait.

A whir behind you.You twist around shotgun ready.Nothing but a door.You rush through the door.Nothing but a lame outside area.No nothing.Oh nevermind.A switch.It says main room.Hmm.Ah!Must be the first room.You flip it and walk through the door.You hear a whir.You walk back up the steps.You walk down the other set and aproach the next room.Theres the blue key.You walk forth and to the blue key.A grunt behind you and you twirl around.A commando!Shit!You dive and shoot making a gapping hole in the commandos chest.It falls and drops its chaingun.You grab the key and lets not forget the chaingun.You ready it and walk back to the blue door.You knock on it and put your ear up to the door.You hear a growl inside.You grin.An imp.Heh.You open the door and dispose of the imp like nothing.

You calmly walk towards the exit switch and press.Then the floor lowers.Huh?Two zombies await.Damn.You make short work of them with your chaingun.You step off the platform and take out two imps.You did not notice however the platforms with zombies on them.One made the mistake of growling.You add a few holes to it.But the other one didnt catch your eye.You feel the hurt of a shotgun blast to the chest.If it wasnt for your armor well youd be dead.You get pissed and shoot its head.Bastard.Another switch.Your ready for anything as you flip it...

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