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Doom -deathmatch -nomonsters the movie, kind of

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Mean Guns with Christopher Lambert and Ice Tea.

I caught it on HBO or some channel a couple times. Pretty cool movie if you ask me.

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Yes ive seen the movie. Thats the funny one.

But what the hell with the topic? Did you mean that in Deathmatch
a) players will fight inside the jail,
b) players will be able to use pispols and shotguns only,
c) the everlasting player will recieve some money...


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It's a bunch of people running around shooting each other in some concrete and steel complex.

They also had baseball bats, pots, and pans to go berserk with.

And there is a vision of hellspawn.

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Jonathan said:

Do they use the silent bfg trick?

No, but if you watch it with a bunch of people after eating Taco Bell food, beware of SBD.

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Assmaster said:

If they dont wall run then it's not worth watching.

If they don't strafe50 it's not worth watching

Oh and if there's no keycards it's not worth watching either :P

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or the sphere artifacts that give you health, armour, invisibility or invulnrability!

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