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doom.wrong.button.com - weekly update!

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Well, the update took a little longer than usual. I was ripping music all day to put up.

That's one of the big updates today. In the "other music" directory there's a bit more soundtracks ripped straight from the games in there. There's something for everyone:

-Mortal Kombat 4
-Mortal Kombat Trilogy
-Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ripped from SF Collection)
-Blood (oh yeah!)
-various Castlevania rips that aren't available on the soundtracks that I got from the Castlevania Dungeon. (I ripped some tracks from SNES Dracula X myself)
-Quake 1
-Quake 2

And for midis:
-Blood midis (thanks cacodemon leader!)
-Doom 1 and 2 (in Doom Music dir), duke3d, and heretic midis (thanks to bigbadgangsta)

Also, in the "various game sounds" directory (formerly "Doom Replacement Sounds") there's sounds from Duke3d, Wolf3d, Doom 1 & 2, and quake 1 sounds from bigbadgangsta. he's also in the process of uploading the quake 2 sounds, which are in his upload dir until they are completed. (NOTE TO BIGBADGANGSTA: don't know if the heretic sounds are done or not, I couldn't open the zip.)

There is now a "Projects" directory where i keep people's stuff if they upload many types of things (right now cacodemon leader and deathwarrior dir are in there). This way, they can upload directly to the directory, and it's easier for others to find all their stuff.

Lastly the Weekly Toons. I accidently lost track of the eps that were in there from last week. So if I missed an ep, have the wrong one in there, or there's repeats, can someone let me know? Anyways, Transformers The Movie is done now, and Season 3 has started. Now there will be 5 Transformers eps per week. After Season 3 is done, I will start from the start again, this time, the crappy versions of the eps will be decent quality divx. No generation 2 crap, sound will be in sync as well. Also, when season 3 is done, I will be putting up toons that people may have missed. So, in about a month's time, I'll start taking requests...

I'm looking for more cartoons to put up after Transformers are done. So if anyone has anyone has any toons to contribute, run it by me. I have lots of toons to exchange, not just what I have on the site. Cartoon Movies, DVD Rips, Japanese Transformers, Anime, and more. So be generous. Add to the site. Please?

That's it for now. And as always, enjoy the site.


Don't know how much longer I'll keep it up. And all of your suggestions in an earlier posts are considered. If you have any suggestions, just reply to this post or the other post. Once again, the url for the prototype is:


Again, keep in mind that the page is in no way complete, and nothing is final. It'll probably change a lot more before it actually goes up. (Although I am quite proud of the logos and pictures)

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also, if you want me to do anything with the webpage, just contact me in any way.

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small update:

i'm bored this weekend. i'll be playing around with the webpage a bit more. i have now added some title graphics for the pages and the map.

i'm deciding to keep the "Elbryan42's Doom Depot" prototype up, for those who want to see it. it's in my sig now.

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I honestly love you. Nice to see a FTP that's actually updated. And since I'm a true lover of Game's music, this update is one hell of a bless (oh, the irony) for me.

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