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ZDoom trouble

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This happened to me on the day that Doom Connector got online with a temporary server (which also happened to log me off twice for no reason). I should tell you that I'd never played online up to this point, but a friend of mine (more or less) wanted to try out my wad in co-op. After working out "invalid file" errors, we played fine in ZDoom, except that it was lagging; was this DC's fault, because only I had the shitty 56k connection (while he too complained of lagging)?

But that wasn't the main problem. We completed level 1, but at the start of level 2 he happened to get killed early on. At about that point I got some "error" from ZDoom. It was a centered message at the top of the screen... "c-something error." I couldn't get it to go away, but I could still move. He probably could too, but I don't know (because he wasn't trying). This stupid error thing also made it impossible to read each other's chat messages, so we quit.

What caused this, one of our connections, ZDoom, or DC? What can I do to make sure it doesn't happen again? And can anyone tell me why BOTH of us were lagging?

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ZDoom games on Doom Connector (and all oher games that you play in a "room") are peer-to-peer. The moderator who launches the game is the server, and all others that join, connect to the moderator. The lag you experienced was a thing between you and the one you played with. DC, nor the DC server, has anything to do with that. Please check the pings beside peoples names to see how good your connection to them is. Pings are also measured peer-to-peer, so, from you to all the people you see.

Lag not only delays everything you see and all moves you make, but also can causes problems and errors like these. Try playing with someone that has a better ping to you, like less than 100 or something. (You can also try tweaking some of the connection settings (like DUP), but that cant solve big lag). If the errors keep coming, try asking for a solution on the ZDoom forum.

Or try ZDaemon, it has the same graphics, but better networking protocols which handle lag a little better.

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