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hey 'doomers' i was readin a lil through the threads, and i have this

doom II for Win. 95. I want to know how to play like a multplayer game

with other people, like a half-life type thing. i have a DSL high

speed modem. how the hell do do this? should i get a different

version alltogether? posts appreciated ;)


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I can honestly say I've never played online with Doom95. In fact I've only ever played online once. But there should be stuff on the launcher about it...

You can also be sure that most people here will reccomend a source port. They CAN make it easier to do online play. There's also a new program out called Doom Connector which is really nice (if it's online), but then you would need a source port for it.

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If you really want to stick to the original Doom95, prepare yourself for a big struggle with lag. It is _very_ sensitive to lag, even Doom Legacy is better. You need to go to MSN Zone to be able to play it.

Indeed you will get ports recommanded ;) Above I mentioned Doom Legacy, but its also sensitive to lag, graphics are OpenGL though. This also goes for JDoom. If you want to stick close to the original Doom feel, try ZDoom. There are also OpenGL variants of ZDoom. If you want some improved multiplayer stuff, try ZDaemon or Skulltag.

Since you're new, you migh need to patch your IWADs to the latest version, otherwise you may not be able to play, or play with errors and crashes, hehe.

netnomad312: Doom Connector is back online on its original connection and its running fine as before.

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