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3 projectile settings questions

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1) If i wanted to make the rocket have 2 or 3 frames, for example, an actual animated flame, i know i can assign sprites in addition to the originals, but will setting those frames to 'projectile' cause them to explode like the original rocket?

2) also, and i hate to give away ideas i may want to use, but when firing the plasma gun, lets say i want it to fire from about knee hight or so, can i just change the relative positions of the firing sprite so they start out at a lower elevation? I do need this one bad.

3) i know setting the rockets speed to 0 will cause it to explode when launching, but the plasma gun allows a 0 speed without exploding, unfortunately it seems the troopers either cant walk through the floating plasma, or sometimes they can with no harm...

again this is just vanilla doom stuff, and if theres a way to launch (drop) things as NON moving mines, and have them still work it's be awesome, despite the slow movement of speed 1 settings, i want what i want, unless i cant have it

Thanks all in advance!

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1. You cannot set a frame to 'projectile', only an object. If you extend the moving animation (which is only one frame) and properly link it to the rocket object it will work automatically.

2. You cannot change the firing height. You can alter the projectile's sprites so that it appears lower but that will cause a lot of strange problems with collision detection.

3. A projectile with speed 0 will not work. Nothing can run into a projectile, only vice versa. To emulate a projectile that does not move you have to use a few tricks because Dehacked does a few things that make it impossible with it. Set the speed of your standing projectile to 1 and save it. Now load the .DEH file into a text editor and search for your projectile object. You will see that the speed value is set to 65536, which is 1 in Doom's internal fixed point format. There is nothing that prevents you from setting this to an even smaller value so change it to 2 which is the minimal value that will work in all cases. If you set it to 1 you may risk an underflow which would essentially mean the speed is 0 again!

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